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LED Night Light Bulbs

Many of us had night-lights as children, possibly even LED Night Light Bulbs. Some even keep night-lights as adults. While a child might have a nightlight to keep monsters away while sleeping, adults tend to use nightlights to provide some vision while going to the bathroom at night or perhaps to see while making their way to get a child a drink of water.

Night-lights are extremely well suited for LED Light Bulb usage. The lights tend to stay on for long periods, do not require bright lights and are not a primary source of illumination. Since the lights stay on, the energy efficiency and long life of the LED light bulb makes it extremely competitive. Each individual LED light bulb produces a small amount of light, and most LED Night Light Bulbs are actually several LEDs connected together to produce the desired amount of light. With no need for large amounts of light, even a single LED Light Bulb can meet the need for a LED night light. The main weaknesses of LED light bulbs, difficulty in dealing with power surges or heat, and trouble with color fidelity when used as the main source of lighting, simply don’t apply. LED Night Light Bulbs are pretty much only used inside a house with a controlled environment and it defeats the purpose to have a bright night light.

LED Night Light Bulbs are a favourable option. Given expected lifetimes for an LED light bulb, a nightlight using this technology should last perhaps 6 years of continuous use, longer if it is turned off during the day. It is thus unlikely that the child will need to replace this light before reaching the point where nightlights are optional. The only real drawback is the purchase price, but over the lifespan on the system this becomes less important. A quick search showed dozens of hits for “LED nightlight” with many of them costing less than $10. Some provide colored patterns to entertain the child, some sense the light level and turn themselves off in the daytime and some can even double as flashlights. With the surprisingly low overall cost, it isn’t a hardship to experiment with a couple of models to find the best possible solution.

In related uses, other than just LED Night Light Bulbs, LED light bulbs make efficient safety lights, the sort that turn on and run on battery power when the local power fails and show the path to safety or provide enough light to discern where you are in a building. They are also good choices for lighting for commercial buildings at night so the guards can see to navigate and tell if anything is disturbed, but where normal levels of light are not required.

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