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The LED Light Bulbs UK market is broadly similar to the US market for lights. The differences come in several details, some more important than others. One of these is the different flavor of electricity provided in Europe. Two is the difference in regulation and government requirements. Three is the harder to quantify cultural differences.

Electronics, especially consumer electronics, cost more and appear to be in shorter supply in the UK than in the US. The British market seems to lag behind the US market, much as the US market lags behind the Japanese market. This factor is also reflected in the LED Light Bulbs UK market. Consumer Electronics in the UK are typically always available, but often requires more searching.

The EU and UK governments have enacted a series of very ambitious carbon footprint goals, intended to drastically reduce the quantity of carbon released by electrical generation and other causes. This should have a sharp and powerful effect on British consumers and the LED Light Bulbs UK market. There will be a series of initiatives aimed at increasing the costs of carbon use, such as increased costs for electricity. This should force accommodation by making higher cost but cheaper to operate electrical equipment more competitive in the market.

Thus environmental goals should increase the relative desirability of LED lighting as compared to conventional incandescent bulbs. As the price paid for each watt of electricity goes up, the price consumers will pay up front to reduce those costs over time will also go up. The EU has even proposed a total ban on new incandescent light production, though it is unlikely to pass in that format. Still, individual members of the EU are already enacting legislation to ban all or some incandescent lights, which will have a significant positive impact on the LED Light Bulbs UK market.

Consumers will therefore scramble to find alternatives, and companies will strive to provide them with those alternatives to seek maximum profit. In the case of lights, some combination of making do with less, fluorescents and LED light bulbs will result, creating a buoyant LED Light Bulbs UK market. This should ensure a period of confusion as consumers stockpile incandescent bulbs so they will have something known to work, then rapidly phase those out as other technologies prove able to handle specific tasks.

British consumers appear to be more willing, or at least more accepting, to endure delay and hardship than American consumers, but with the added pressure of government backed targets, it seems very clear that British LED Light Bulbs UK companies will do whatever is needed to address these mandates and allow consumers to comply with their targets so the nation and regions can meet their goals.

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